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Can a single boto3 dynamodb client update multiple tables simultaneously? With boto3 Dynamodb scan is there a way to get changes of events rather than last update. Amazon DynamoDB documentation says that DynamoDB paginates the results from scan/query operations. With pagination, the scan results are divided into "pages" of data that are 1 MB in size (or less). An application processes the first page of results, then the second page, and so on. A single scan will only return a result set that fits ...import boto3: from datetime import datetime # Import resources using AWS Python SDK (boto3) and specify the DynamoDB table to scan and S3 bucket to write file to # Table and bucket name are passed as environment variables in SAM template: s3 = boto3. resource ('s3') bucket = s3. Bucket (os. environ ['BUCKET_NAME']) table = boto3. resource ...import concurrent.futures import itertools import boto3 def parallel_scan_table (dynamo_client, *, TableName, ** kwargs): """ Generates all the items in a DynamoDB table. :param dynamo_client: A boto3 client for DynamoDB. :param TableName: The name of the table to scan. Other keyword arguments will be passed directly to the Scan operation.In this blog post I will list down the steps required to setup the AWS Glue job to scan the dynamodb table in another account. In my setup, I scan the dynamodb table in Account A (us-west-2), perform glue transformations in Account B (us-east-1) and write it to S3 in Account B.